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Related article: form of the Army military polo is worthy of regulation and encou- ragement. It is the game of all others which takes up the least time. Polo keeps a man with his regiment. Once a year there should be a military polo tourna- ment in London, as well for the Buy Olanzapine Online sake of the civilians with whom it is so popular as for the soldiers. Considering the large gate drawn, the whole expenses should be borne by the club on whose ground the tournament is held. I make no apology for intro- ducing these ideas into an article on the prospects of the season. The importance of the subject to polo is obvious. Let us turn for a moment to the question of the supply of ponies. Without raising any dis- puted questions as to the reasons, the fact remains that the supply of high - class ponies, though limited (as the supply of high- class horseflesh always is), is, nevertheless, increasing both in quantity and in quality. We shall know, too, how prices are likely to rule after the sales at Messrs. Tattersall's after the Polo Pony Show, and the still more im- portant sales of Messrs. Miller in April at Rugby, of Mr. J. Farmer, of Mr. J. Hornsby and others. During the past year, in spite I90I.] NAMES FOR HOUNDS. ^73 Olanzapine Tablets of many adverse circumstances, the Polo Pony Society, under the presidency of Sir Richard Green- Price, has steadily grown in membership, and its recent Stud-book is a most interesting production. No doubt the sys- tem of entry to the book can and will be improved. In the meantime the society have suc- ceeded in encouraging ponies of the riding type, and the frequent victories at shows of ponies ^by registered sires and dams Olanzapine Cost is, per- haps, a sufficient proof of success in general, while the undoubted popularity of the Spring Show at the Olanzapine Online Agricultural Hall has brought the society before the public. For the supply of ponies outside the limits of the capacity of our English powers of supply, I look to America. We have tried Arabs and Argentines, and both have their place in polo. But the American dealer has several advantages ; he seems to possess the exact type we want, to be able to raise it at a reason- able price, and to convey it to our shores in less than a fort- night. Whatever the more distant future may have in store, we can look, at Buy Cheap Olanzapine all events, forward to another polo season likely to be as enjoyable and successful as its predecessors. Cheap Olanzapine T. F. D. Names for Hounds. A LIST of names appropriate for hounds, more Olanzapine 5 Mg particularly a list which offers so large a field of choice as that which follows, brings its own recommendation with it. Mr. Alexander H. Wilson, of Olanzapine Tablet East Keal, Spilsby, the compiler, places masters and huntsmen under an obligation which they will readily acknow- ledge ; for the difficulty of selecting suitable names for the large num- bers of whelps which are now bred in most kennels is one of annual recurrence, and one which the passage of time does nothing to simplify. Method in naming young hounds is much to be recommended as Olanzapine 10 Mg a means of easily recalling their pedigree, and in every kennel the usual method is to bestow Olanzapine Risperidone upon the youngsters Olanzapine 2.5 Mg names which begin with the first letter of the name Risperidone Olanzapine of the dam or sire, preferably that of the dam. In the Pytchley and Woodland Pytchley kennels Order Olanzapine they adopt, as far as possible, the practice of giving names that begin with the first two letters of the dam's name, which plan obviously fur- nishes an admirably easy and ready Im Olanzapine key to the pedigree of any hound. But this excellent rule cannot Olanzapine 20 Mg always be followed. Many masters, when a bitch throws a Cost Of Olanzapine litter Olanzapine 5mg to a sire belonging to another kennel, bestow Olanzapine Price upon the youngsters names whose initial letters Olanzapine Im corre- spond with that of Buy Olanzapine the male parent ; but a glance through half-a-dozen kennel lists will show that a good deal of latitude exists. With regard to work in the field, the great thing is to select names easy of enunciation by the men, and of recognition by the hound. Care should be taken to avoid be- stowing on two of the same litter names sounding so much alike as Acklam and Ackland ; the natural tendency is to accentuate the first syllable, and names so closely resembling one another are un- ^74 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April desirable as being likely to cause confusioa With so large a choice as Mr. Wilson's carefully com- piled list offers, the annual duty of selecting appropriate names will be changed from a trouble- Abbess Amber Baker Birthday Brunswick Abbot Ambrose Ballad Bismark Brusber Abelard Ambush Balmy